Alternatives to Suspension District Bright Spots




Jewell (Kim Dyer)– Targeted social/emotional and behavioral instruction

Lyn Knoll (Annette Gray )– Building school-wide culture “Leader in Me” – Teaching the 7 Habits

Wheeling (Nancy Bethencourt; Ryan McCormick)– Playworks – Positive culture through structured recess activities

Yale (Lauren Alpert; Nancy H)– Crew – Classroom community building structure

Vaughn (Angie Lore)– Restorative Practices – contributions

Lansing (Lisa Stucker)– Relationship building through Morning Meeting

Park Lane (Deborah Butler) – Building community through storytelling

Vista Peak Ex. (Will Simpsa; Jessica Sawyer)–Using Connection Circles

South (Andrew Groettum)– First steps to engage staff and implement restorative practices

North (Roderick Tooson)– Celebrating Student Voice and Relationships through Passageworks

Gateway (Marcella Garcia)–Restorative Practices Circles


Alternatives to Suspension


Crawford (John (Jake) Potter)– Building positive culture through mediated Peer-to-Peer Restorative Justice practices

Arkansas – ROAR Zone – A safe space for students

Quest (Casey Powell)– Taking Responsibility in the Program Room – “Chill Out” pass  

Rangeview (Jon Soboleski) – Substance abuse classes – opportunity for building Respect/Responsibility




Virginia Court  (Aaron Sturtz; Mike McDonnell)– Restorative Justice for successful reintegration into the school/classroom community

Fletcher (Anna Cantu)– Focus on responsibility and repair through student problem solving conferences

Murphy Creek (Cory Lende)– Peer Mediation

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