Read Plans in an MTSS Model

Read Picture

What Is the READ Act?

The READ Act is a Colorado law that sets guidelines to ensure every student completes third grade reading at or above grade level. It helps schools to identify students who need additional instructional support in order to read at grade level.


What does “reading significantly below grade level” mean?

This means that the student is reading one year or more below his/her current grade level. Research shows that reading at grade level by the end of the school year is important for future school success.


What is a READ Plan?

A READ Plan is an individual intervention plan for kindergarten through 3rd grade students identified as performing significantly below grade level in reading. The plan continues until the student reaches grade level proficiency in reading.


How are READ Plans and MTSS related?

A READ plan is just like any other intervention plan within the MTSS model, designed to identify and monitor progress toward specific goals based on student need. READ plans should be reviewed and updated regularly to match current level of student performance. Interventions based on READ plans can be provided at the tier II and tier III level based on the level of intensity the data indicates is needed.


Please visit the Division of Accountability and Research to learn more about the READ act.